A way station for the Travel Weary Thirsty Vituscan

gold-rush-49erandmuleFirst I have to admit that I spend an extraordinary amount of time on this computer, whether it’s work or play, it still adds up at the end of the week. At times I wonder how we ever got stuff done without all of the “how to” and Help videos we have now, from child raising to sewage disposal.!

In the course of surfing Facebook for more hours than I care to admit to, I have come across a problem that needs to be addressed. I belong to more ECV Facebook Groups than we have Chapters. A common thread within all of these groups is a least one Redshirt a day mentioning the fact that he will be traveling through another Chapters territory and would like to locate a Wateringhole within his travel range. A way-station if you will, perhaps a place where he can enjoy a libation of his choice and share a few lies with like minded Brothers. A little slice of hometown while on the road.

Usually by the time a Brother replies, it’s too late or goes unseen as the traveler has already left for the next place that will provide some respite from his thirsty sufferings.

This, I said to Myself, is something I can help with. I too have been caught in new territory without a sense of direction in regard to providing the relief from a cold, hoppy and carbonated brew I’ve grown to like over the years.

So here it is. An easy to access webpage dedicated to the Thirsty traveling Vituscan…Research has shown that approx. 90% of all cellphone users are now using “Smartphones”, most of which are actually smarter than the user…but I digress. My point is that with these devices which are so readily available to one, you can easily punch in eclampusvitus.com/wateringholes and there you are, from anywhere in the world…! (Considering there is a cell tower in your area. This may present a problem if your traveling within the confines of Billy Holcomb’s turf).

This site will be built upon submissions from the ECV Brethern. Use the form provided to submitonhorseback your areas watering holes. Try to include an email, phone number and of course the address from which I can get a link to a map which should help the most confused Redshirt find his way to liquid salvation.

Please Don’t Rely on Another Brother to Do This….Take a minute and submit a Clamper Friendly Pub to us…If there are duplicates, I’ll sort them out. This service will only work if you send me your input……If your going to visit one of these establishments, it would be wise to call ahead to be sure it’s still in operation..!!

Muleskinner, XNGH, Cyber Recorder
Grub Gulch Chapter #41-49