A way station for the Travel Weary Thirsty Vituscan

The first two are Eagles Lodges. Which, while not open to the
public, are quite clamper freindly, so go with a brother who is
an Eagle, or join up!

Mother Aerie #1 – Clamper Friendly
8201 Lake City Way NE.
Seattle, Washington 98112

Phone: 206-762-5214

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Wilkeson #1409
534 Church Street
Wilkeson, Washington 98396



Historical Boots Tavern
31117 3rd
Black Diamond, WA 98010
(360) 886-2659



Engel’s Pub
113 – 5th Ave South
Edmonds, WA
Phone: 425-778-2900

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Clever Dunne’s Irish House
1501 E Olive Way
Seattle, WA 98122

Phone: (206) 709-8079

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Map Here

Republic Brewing Company – Clamper Friendly
Old Fire Hall
26 Clark Avenue
Republic, WA 99166
Phone:(509) 775-2700


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Map Here